Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK v2.3.2 (Unlimited Money, Gems)

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Zombie Hill Racing

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The Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK is the most advanced racing game with the nasty creature. The game has some more specific qualities than the other racing games. It has some extra fun due to the monsters like zombies. You have to kill the zombie to survive. The zombie attacks on the area, so you must be shifted to another. The latest versions of cars loaded with weapons are provided for smashing zombies in the modded apk. 

In the action game, you will get unlimited money and gold. You can utilize the reward in the modification of the car. “INLOGIC ARCADE” has designed pro versions unlocked and free to play. If you want to learn diving skills with creativity, the zombie hill racing hack apk is the best choice. The 2D graphics encourage you to play this thrilling gameplay. You must note the gas in the car so that the car does not stop during the zombie’s attack. 

Gameplay of Zombie Hill Racing

Gameplay of Zombie Hill Racing

The updated game is full of deadly zombies on the road having fun and thrill. You need an advanced car having high speed and loaded with weapons. You can control the game according to your facility. There are different modes of the zombie hill racing apk. You will get unlimited money and diamonds if you successfully smash the zombies. These have value for purchasing and modifying your car. 

The dump zombies are very powerful to kill; they attack survivors. You can select the location of your choice, like hilly roads, jungles, city areas, bridges, wooden crates, and jumpy tracks. 

All the pro versions, including premium, are unlocked. You must kill zombies with explosive weapons and move to the next level. The modded apk is fully customized. The graphics of the Android game are 2D and bright in the pro version. Download the modified game and explore tricks to kill the monsters with different tricky methods.

Features of Zombie Hill Racing 2024

Control Over the Vehicle

The control system of the Android game is very easy same like Turbo Driving Racing 3D. You can handle the car with just two buttons. Move the car forward or backward. The car is supplied with the weapons to defeat the zombie pandemic. 

In the Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK, the cars used gasoline as gas, which supported the car to ride speedily and save from the attack. The center of the performance is the speed of the car. The rocket fuel truck is a new feature added only to the latest versions. 

No Ads

The remove ads feature is added on the player’s demand. The ads are the cause of the focus interruption. So the new version of the Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK has no ads during the game just like Speed Legends MOD APK.

Various Vehicles and Customization

There are up to hundreds of advanced models of vehicles in the Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK. These have different features and are unlocked by unlimited money and gold. After every level, you have the chance of upgrading same as Tuning Club Online

There is the garage which has all the modified cars. The mechanic is available for the repair process. If the car crashes during the completion of the level, some boosters boost the car’s health to stable. The state of the car should be good enough so that it can face the zombie attack.

Features of Zombie Hill Racing

Offline Play

The Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK is an offline racing game. No internet connection and other resources are needed during levels same as Turbo League. The weapons and all car models are free to use in the modified game. Unlimited money and gold boost the game to unlock the higher levels. The zombies knock down the survivors in the game and kill them, so if you have to be shifted to other areas. Your modified car should have gasoline and a stable state for pro performance.

Unlimited Coins and Money

In the Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK, unlimited money and diamonds are the currency of the updated game, which has value for the weapons, garage expenditures, car upgradation, and model selection same like Bike Racing 3D. After completing every level with great driving skills, these are added to your game account. 

Achieve Milestones by Completing Levels

The modified game has the milestone after shooting the zombies and riding the vehicle to a far distance. You can perform the stunts and have unlimited attempts to blast the zombie. If you want to blast the wave of zombies in one attempt, you can use firepower. You need to boost the firepower again for the next level same as Car Stunt Races. In the modified version of the Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK, the players can immerse themselves in the attack.


The adventurous gameplay has full optimization for the players just like Driving Zone 2. You can play offline and fully control the car’s customization and location. You can move the car in all directions and perform stunts like high jumping and rolling to kill the dumb zombies. There are millions of users of the Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK due to high optimization and smoothness.

2D Driving Game

The Android game has 2D graphics with clear and horrible vision of zombies. The vivid graphics structure makes the zombie road chaos more realistic and challenging. The Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK has charming and full of exciting graphics which attract the players to play and challenge themselves against the zombies. We also have Rush Hour 3D MOD APK from our website.

Awesome off-road Challenges

Awesome Off-Road Challenges

There are interesting off-road challenges. The main aim of the zombies is to find the meal, so they kill the player and feed. Killing the zombie to save your life is a big challenge. The updated game is full of hurdles on the roads and hills which distract the player. You have to face the challenges with great driving skills. After winning all the standard levels, you can unlock the premium version with the drift mod. The drift mode is the most challenging mode of the Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK.

Car Upgradation

You can upgrade the car features after every level of destruction. The advanced garage is available in the mod menu, which has all the tools and professional mechanics for the pro services. The car speed is improved by the nitro and gasoline for driving the long distance. 

You can fully customize the wheel, pedals, accelerator, and control keys in the garage. It is free to enjoy the upgrade of the car and choose the best model. All these things are unlocked; you just need unlimited money and gold. 

How to download Zombie Hill Racing Latest Version 

The free downloading method for Android devices includes two crucial steps:

  • The first step is to download the new version of the game. For this method, search for the modified version of the “zombie hill racing hack apk”.
  • Install the modded apk and spend your valuable time with excitement.
  • The second method is installing the updated game from the mod menu of the website: Search for the new version of the modded apk.
  • Go to the website, and the download link will be available. 
  • Click on the link then the downloading process will start.
  • The file will be shown in the downloads folder. 
  • Run the installation process.
  • The installation process takes a few seconds. Remember to use the security option during the process of any method.
  • Now you can explore the Android game fun with powerful driving skills.

My Personal Reviews 

Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK is the best choice for the racing game with other fun monsters. You feel stimulated by the zombie’s wave and defeat them. There is unlimited gold and diamonds after every level. The sturdy zombies find the meal and kill the survivors. 

The upgradation and the control are very optimized. There are a variety of modes with different features. The updated version has excellent graphics and a sound system. You can freely download the adventurous game. The players can customize the game for their convenience.


The Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK is exciting gameplay that can be played without an internet connection. The modified version has the latest cars, which can be modified after the attack of zombies. Upgrade the car’s wheel, control keys, and pedals with unlimited gold and diamonds.

Free download the lightweight game from the mod menu. The removed ads increase the rating of the game. The graphics give a distinctive look, along with a great sound system. For free shopping, you should have unlimited diamonds to unlock cars with advanced features. Free download the lightweight game from APK YP.          

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

The game is all about killing scary zombies with your modified fast car.

You can play this game without any type of internet connection.

These can be controlled by supplying your car with explosive weapons for shooting them.

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