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Magic Survival MOD APK 

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Magic Survival

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May 2, 2024




5.1 and up




127 MB

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  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Research Points
  • Free Shopping
  • Ad-Free Gameplay

Ever got interested in spells and sorcery? If yes, then prepare to be spellbound as you dive into a captivating adventure of Magic Survival. In this Android survival game every decision counts. Here, you need to fight against magic with your magic as your fate is in your hands. You need to learn spells to protect yourself and unlock hidden resources in the game.

Magic Survival Hack APK

But we are offering more to rise above the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with Magic Survival Mod APK. Let your magic unleashes with mod features like unlimited money, research points, high damage, free shopping, god mod, and ad-free gameplay. Get into the game and prove yourself the most powerful sorcerer and survivor.

Magic Survival Information

NameMagic Survival
Size127 MB
Supported ForAndroid Only
Android Requires5.1 and up
File Type.APK
Rating Value4.7 / 5
Rating Counts34623
Released OnOctober 31, 2019
Price100% Free
Last UpdatedMay 2, 2024

The Interesting Plot of Magic Survival APK

Magic is a worth-discussing topic that gives us and it did not give us goosebumps. Not possible!!! Following the view Leme, the developers of Magic Survival introduce us to an interesting magic plot in Magic Survival. It is the realm of Magic Survival where your destiny will be your guide.

So it started in the land of Eldoria where a devastating curse has befallen the realm and taken it into darkness and chaos. All the old magical artifacts have become weak and their power has started losing. But now as a young wizard, you take the responsibility to restore the peace in Eldoria.

The Interesting Plot of Magic Survival Hack APK

You will face many characters while progressing, each with some unique abilities and powers. Villains are so strong because they have regained their powers and spells. It needs you to be more active and skilled so you can solve puzzles to survive. 

Overcome the darkness and face critical choices that will shape your destiny. Also, use your powers for good or succumb to the allure of dark magic. Eldoria is waiting for you to show real magic and fight against evil. The time has come to prove your mettle.

The Gameplay of Magic Survival

Magic Survival offers a gameplay experience where you, as a budding wizard, take the challenge of saving the world. All you need to play the game is your magical powers and strategic thinking. Begin by creating your unique wizard character. Select any item to make your character stand out in the magical realm.

Learn the controls and most importantly learn magic to defeat the giant bosses. Master the art of spell casting and get ready to face the challenges ahead. While playing you will face many characters some of them will be good and some might hurt you. Be aware of them all and save yourself for the fate of Eldoria. 

The Gameplay of Magic Survival Mod APK 

You can also collect resources that are spread around the world to craft potions and magical items. The game allows you to connect with your friends in multiplayer mode. It helps to kill the powerful wizards more efficiently. You can also get into PvP or competitive Gameplay, there is always more for you in the game.

MOD Features of Magic Survival

When it comes to casting spells we have no better option than Magic Survival. The modded features given to us make the game easy by unlimited everything for free. It gives additional benefits that are not in the normal version like unlimited resources. Let us discuss some of them,

Unlimited Money

Power is the necessary item to fight against enemies and you need to buy this. But how will you handle a lot of money? Well, with the pro version of the game, all your problems have a solution. It offers unlimited money which helps you buy any in-game items, equipment, or resources. Also, you can speed up the progression of the game same as World Chef MOD APK.

Unlimited Research Points

Does our wizard need to unlock new abilities, spells, upgrades, or advancements? Need research points? Then grab the modified version of Magic Survival and get an unlimited amount of research points. It allows us to explore and unlock a wide range of research options. Also, it lessens your struggle to find the best spells to kill evil. We also have Candy Manor MOD APK from our website.

High Damage 

As I told you earlier, your opponents are in more power now with their regained energy and hence have a big attack. In return, you also need a high-potential attack that could break all the fears of Eldoria. The modded version gives you the advantage of high damage to unleash devastating attacks that will quickly lower the health of your opponents. Now, you can also download the Airconsole Hero MOD APK from our website.

High Damage 

High Speed 

Get the to unleash devastating attacks that can quickly deplete the health and defenses of your opponents with high-speed modded features. It enables you to explore the game world efficiently and reach destinations more quickly. Speed up your actions and get faster to win. Now, you can also check Little Big City 2 MOD APK.

Free Shopping

You need to buy various items in the game which requires money but no more with Magic Survival Mod APK. It gives you a free shopping feature so you have anything without paying for it same as Wonder Zoo MOD APK. Freely buy anything of your interest and passion. 

Ad-Free Gameplay

Get uninterrupted gameplay and a seamless progression with the Mod APK feature of no ads. Without the intrusion of ads, you can focus solely on the game’s content and story. This enhances the flow of the game same as Hay Day MOD APK. So enjoy the game to the limits.

Magic Survival Original Vs. MOD Comparison

Limited MoneyUnlimited Money
Limited Research PointsUnlimited Research Points
Paid ShoppingFree Shopping
Ad SupportedAd-Free Gameplay

What I think about Magic Survival APK

Magic Survival has truly cast its spell on me. From the moment I started playing this wonderful game, it triggered me. Amazing graphics and smooth controls were so unexpected which feels like the real world. The most loved feature I am excited to mention is the modded features. 

Every step of the game becomes more interesting with the premium features. It enables me to take on increasingly challenging foes and witness the impact of my actions in breathtaking battles. I highly recommend you get on this magical journey that awaits you. Now, you can also check Candy Crush Saga MOD APK.

Magic Survival APK Requirements

  • RAM: 1 GB Required
  • Processor: 2.3 GHz Octa-core Required
  • Storage: 190 MB Required
  • Android Version: 5.1 and up
  • Unknown Sources: Enable


Magic Survival MOD APK is a game where magic and survival intertwine with a unique storyline. You can unleash powerful spells with unlimited money, unlimited research points, a god mod, a mod menu, free shopping, and other modded features. So, grab your wand and download the game now for free. Let’s unleash the magic within.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Yes! Magic Survival offers multiplayer features so you can play the game with your friends.

Absolutely! Magic Survival provides options for customizing your character’s appearance. You can select any hairstyle, facial features, outfits, and accessories to form a unique wizard.

Yes, the game is updated regularly keeping the content fresh.

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