Granny 3 MOD APK 2024 v1.2 (God Mode, Unlimited Ammo)

Granny 3 Mod APK

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Granny 3 MOD APK

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February 27, 2024




5.1 and up




70 MB

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  • Unlimited Money
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Health
  • Ad-Free

Gamers are crazy about playing such games that are mysterious and interesting. Keeping this in mind, developers have introduced the game Granny 3 mod APK that has all the mind-blowing features that will fulfill the player’s appetite for playing a wonderful suspicious game. 
This game involves escaping the granny’s house, solving mysterious puzzles, killing the granny, and much more. The mod version has got top-notch features like unlimited ammo, unlimited health, and no ads which are worth trying. So, let’s give this article a read to know more about Granny 3 mod APK.

introduction of granny 3 mod apk

Granny 3 MOD APK Information

NameGranny 3 MOD APK
Size70 MB
Supported ForAndroid Only
Android Requires5.1 and up
File Type.APK
Rating Value4.6 / 5
Rating Counts25341
Released OnJune 3, 2021
Price100% Free
Last UpdatedFebruary 27, 2024

Gameplay of Granny 3 MOD APK

Granny 3 mode APK is a survival-based exciting horror game. The game has the main challenge of escaping the granny’s house. It starts with Granny and Grandpa getting a new house together. They do nothing more than walk around and guard their house. 
As a prisoner you are supposed to get out of the house, You’ll have to be aware because granny hears all, if the granny comes your way you can use unlimited ammo to kill her. Players can reduce the speed of their character and even make it faster.

Moreover, there is the granddaughter who shows up from time to time and makes the player panic. She has a gaze that will kill you if you immediately don’t look away. It is preferred to hide under the sofa, beds, or closets but doesn’t dare jump into the moat. 
There are so many puzzles that the player needs to solve in order to escape. As you progress through this game you’ll encounter many obstacles that’ll put you up to a challenge and is set to test your skills. What makes it even more exciting is that it will compel you to think outside the box. Surely, Granny 3 mod APK will give you a different level of experience. Now, you can also check Angry Birds Friends MOD APK.

Gameplay of Granny 3 mod APK

Modded Features of Granny 3 MOD APK

To make the game more interesting and up to the mark, Granny 3 mod APK offers some fantastic features, the detail of them are as follows:

Unlimited Money

Money is the most crucial asset to get progress in any game same like Granny Chapter 2 MOD APK. This modded version offers unlimited money to a player that will help them in unlocking mysterious puzzles and essential items such as to open the door. Moreover, various other needed resources while accomplishing the mission can also be unlocked due to this feature. It was not accessible in the orginal game.

God Mode

Granny 3 mod APK has god mode which is of great importance when it comes to saving yourself from granny or grandpa, with the help of god mode you can move anywhere in the house freely without having the fear of being killed by them, it provides a relaxing experience to the players just like Crowd Evolution MOD APK.

Unlimited Ammo

Granny 3 mod APK offers unlimited ammo like shotgun ammo same as Junkyard Keeper MOD APK. With this, the player can shoot unlimitedly and kill granny and grandpa who come their way. This feature power-ups the player and helps him in running out.

Unlimited Health

Just like Lonely Survivor MOD APK this modded game also offers unlimited health to its players which means that players do not need to worry about being killed by granny or grandpa and can escape from the house. It sounds exciting!

Unlimited Health


To hold the interest of players, the Granny 3 mod APK is devoid of any unwanted ads same as Minecraft Java Edition MOD APK. With this feature, the player can easily proceed with the game and complete all the challenges without wasting a second.

Granny 3 Original Vs. MOD Comparison

Limited MoneyUnlimited Money
No God ModeGod Mode
Limited AmmoUnlimited Ammo
Limited HealthUnlimited Health
Ad SupportedAd-Free

General Features of Granny 3 Mod APK

Following are the general features of Granny 3 mod APK

Numerous Levels

Granny 3 has a variety of levels ranging from easy to difficult just like My Perfect Hotel MOD APK. The player is free to choose any level and proceed with it. The Hard and Extreme levels are the most challenging one and it features 3 spooky characters (granny, grandpa, and granddaughter), the pace of the game will be substantially faster, and there will be constant, frantic concealed actions that leave you out of breath, thus each level provides a different level of experience.

Increase and Decrease Size and Speed

To increase the fun Granny 3 mod APK offers player menu options from where a player can increase and decrease their character size and also do the same for speed same like 2 MOD APK.

Solve Puzzles

In Granny 3 mod APK the player has to solve various mysterious puzzles, there are multiple ways to solve them but if they are not solved properly then the player cannot escape and progress in the game.

Control system

The control system is so simple that one can easily start playing without facing any difficulty. The control system consists of a drop button, a shoot button, and an icon to move the character anywhere.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The graphics in Granny 3 mod APK are haunting, the graphics of dark rooms, corridors, and overall atmosphere contributes more to the horror theme and gives the player a scary experience moreover, the sound effects are also loud, horrific which creates a fearful atmosphere.

Personal Experience

As per my review of playing Granny 3 mod APK, I would love to play it over and over again because of its intense challenges and mysterious environment. This horror game is an updated version of Granny 3 and has exciting features that make it even more captivating. The amazing thing that I enjoyed is that players can increase the size and decrease the size of their character and also increase and decrease its speed. The levels on the other hand are very fascinating that make the game stand out. I enjoyed killing the granny using unlimited ammo. Moreover, it also contains many challenging puzzles that require your intellectual level to solve which makes it even more engaging.

Granny 3 MOD APK Requirements

  • RAM: 1 GB Required
  • Processor: 2.3 GHz Octa-core Required
  • Storage: 105 MB Required
  • Android Version: 5.1 and up
  • Unknown Sources: Enable

Final Verdict

Granny 3 mod APK is a survival-based game that is about escaping a horrible house that is home to an evil granny. It is the modded version of the actual game and has all the premium features available freely for players. The game is designed with captivating graphics and horrific sound effects to give a more thrilling experience because of its outstanding gameplay. It has surely gained huge popularity among mobile gamers. This game also offers unlimited money to spend, unlimited health, and unlimited ammo, with no ads. So download this fun-filled game from APK YP and enjoy it all for free!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

The additional features are cloning Grandpa and Granny, and increasing and decreasing the character size and speed at interesting levels.

Yes, there are various items available like generator cable, padlock key, safe key, and shed key.

Yes, this game can be downloaded on any Android smartphone.

Yes, it has an anti-banned feature that does not let the game be banned.

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