Dark Sword MOD APK v2.3.7 Unlimited Money, Keys, Stamina

Dark Sword MOD APK

App Name

Dark Sword

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Last Updated

May 2, 2024




7.0 and up


Role Playing


78 MB

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  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Keys
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited Souls
  • Ad Free Gameplay

Have you ever dreamed of joining a journey filled with battles and mystical creatures? Look no further! Dark Sword is here to burn the fire, an amazing role-playing game developed by NANOO COMPANY Inc. In the game, you take over the role of a powerful fighter who aims to bring light to the world and take away all the darkness. You will fight against dark dragons and let the light reign. 

Dark Sword Hack APK

But wait wait, we are not going to leave you alone in the darkness. Wondering how? Well, we are here with Dark Sword. In this modded latest game, you will get access to pro features without paying a single dime. It includes unlimited money, unlimited souls, unlimited keys, unlimited stamina, free shopping, and many more items. Still, waiting to download? Click the link and download the game now for free to enjoy premium perks. 

Dark Sword Information

NameDark Sword
Size78 MB
CategoryRole Playing
Supported ForAndroid Only
Android Requires7.0 and up
File Type.APK
Rating Value4.5 / 5
Rating Counts21659
Released OnMarch 6, 2016
Price100% Free
Last UpdatedMay 2, 2024

The Interesting Plot of Dark Swords APK

The plot of Dark Sword will take you to a world shrouded in darkness and take you up to a legendary hero. It starts as time in the magical land of Eldoria, a shadow of darkness fell upon the kingdom. Evil creatures emerged from the depths, spreading fear and chaos among the people. In these hard situations, you will be the one to safeguard the world from any harm.

The Interesting Plot of Dark Swords Mod APK

Those fearsome dragons have snatched away all the world’s light, leaving everything draped in dark shadows. But fear not, for you are the chosen hero on a mission to defeat the dark dragon and bring back the radiant light. With your 150 powerful items and skills, you embark on a brave quest to restore brightness and hope to the once-gloomy realm. 

The Gameplay of Dark Sword APK

Dark Sword offers very smooth and easy-to-play gameplay. Prepare yourself for an electrifying adventure packed with exhilarating clashes encounters and battles. Your mission is to defeat the evil darkness dragon and restore the light that has been stolen from the world. With the Dark Sword in your hands, unleash powerful attacks and face off against mythical creatures.

The Gameplay of Dark Sword Mod APK

As you move forward, you will earn experience points, level up, and unlock new skills and abilities. You can change your hero’s playstyle by choosing from a variety of weapons, armor, and items. Explore dungeons, solve puzzles, and uncover hidden secrets along the way. Join millions of players in their quest to become legendary heroes and conquer the darkness that threatens the realm.

Modded Features of Dark Sword APK

Dark Sword APK gives you unlimited resources and everything unlocked from the start of the game. All the items are unlocked and for you so you can relish the game at its peak. Let me take you to these amazing features.

Unlimited Money

Acquiring money is a gradual process that involves completing challenges, defeating enemies, or selling items. So we added the unlimited money and coins features, with this, you have a limitless supply of currency at your end. You have the freedom to test out different strategies and acquire top-notch equipment, enabling you to optimize your gameplay experience the same as EvoCreo MOD APK.

Unlimited Stamina

The modded version gives you an endless reserve of energy to engage in battles and explore the game world without any restrictions and with unlimited stamina. This feature provides you with uninterrupted gameplay and allows you to get in the action. We also have Cyberika MOD APK from our website.

Unlimited Keys

Keys are typically used to unlock special chests, doors, or access restricted areas. So we gave you an unlimited keys feature. It helps you unlock any locked content or areas in the game without limitations. You have more freedom to fully explore the game world. Now, you can also download Hustle Castle MOD APK from our website.

Unlimited Souls

Souls are a valuable currency that represents the essence of characters or creatures in the game world. It is used for various purposes, such as leveling up, acquiring powerful abilities, or enhancing your character’s attributes. So to help you, we added the unlimited souls modded feature. With Unlimited Souls, you can achieve greater heights of power and mastery. Now, you can also check Monster Honor Fight MOD APK.

Unlimited Souls

Ad Free Gameplay

And here comes the most awaited feature play with “no ads” and smooth gameplay. Ad-Free Gameplay in Dark Sword is a fantastic feature that offers you an uninterrupted and immersive gaming experience same as Cat Runner MOD APK. There will be no advertisements which means you can get yourself a delightful experience.

Dark Sword Original Vs. MOD Comparison

Limited MoneyUnlimited Money
Limited KeysUnlimited Keys
Limited StaminaUnlimited Stamina
Limited SoulsUnlimited Souls
Ad SupportedAd Free Gameplay

What I think about Dark Sword Mod APK

Dark Sword is a true Android arcade game in a vast sea of mobile games. From the moment I stepped into its dark and mysterious world, I was completely hooked. The thrill of defeating colossal bosses sent shivers down my spine and left me craving for more. Moreover, I enjoyed the modded feature a lot which gives me an extra edge. I highly recommend you embrace the darkness and become a legend.

Dark Sword APK Requirements

  • RAM: 1 GB Required
  • Processor: 2.3 GHz Octa-core Required
  • Storage: 117 MB Required
  • Android Version: 7.0 and up
  • Unknown Sources: Enable


Dark Sword Mod APK is a captivating game that offers players intense hack-and-slash combat. The modded version of the game gives unlimited exciting features that help you to win more easily. It includes unlimited money, stamina, keys, souls, unlocked levels, and ad-free gameplay. So, step into the world of Dark Sword, embrace the darkness, and get on a journey to defeat the forces that have stolen the world’s light.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Yes, Dark Sword is free to play, with optional in-app purchases available.

Yes, Dark Sword can be played offline.

Playing Dark Sword is easy. Use intuitive touch controls to navigate your character, unleash powerful attacks, and defend against enemies.

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