How to Sign Up on Telegram? (Step By Step Guide)

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app that offers a smartly assisted chatting slot to millions of its users from all around the globe and serves them to the fullest with its amplified functional slot. The app is evolving day by day to offer an incredible working domain to all its users and provides an enchanted fun domain with its newly updated features. Overall, it is a free, optimized, super-fast, and incredible chatting hub that is worth downloading but how to sign up on Instagram is the most raised question.

How to Sign Up on Telegram

If you are also with the same question then stay tuned to our post. Here, we have provided a step-by-step guide on signing up on Telegram MOD APK along with the all-core stats that need to be met. It is super-relaxing and admirable to access all the chats from any of the devices and enjoy a reliable texting domain with no restrictions. So, let’s begin the guide and explore all about how to sign up on Telegram.

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Things to Do Before Signing Up on Telegram

There are some pre-slots that are meant to be met before signing up on Instagram that are the key to ensuring a super-fast and 100% accurate sign-up. These are also the easy stats that are demanded to be taken into account and to facilitate you we have stated all in this post that are as follows.

  • Get an Android or IOS device first where you want to create a Telegram account.
  • Try to get a device with an active phone number.
  • You can also buy a username and phone number.

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3 Ways to Sign Up on Telegram

3 Ways to Sign Up on Telegram

You are offered to try the alternative ways to sign up on your telegram app and it is worth exploring all so that incredible access to all can be enjoyed. The following 3 successive slots are counted in it through which you get successfully signed up on your Telegram account.

  • By active mobile number
  • By QR code
  • By anonymous number

How to Get an Anonymous Number for Telegram?

Get an Anonymous Number for Telegram

If you want to sign up on Telegram with an anonymous number possession then get help from the below section. It involves a few simple and super-smoothing steps in accessing an anonymous phone number that are as follows:

  • First thing first, find the official fragment website and click to open it.
  • There will be lots of anonymous phone numbers.
  • Select the one or search for the desired one.
  • Then step in the bid and verify your deal with OTP.
  • Prompt the command and get it all done.

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The official token of the Telegram (TON) will be used to pay the fragment website.

How to Sign Up on Telegram?

Sign Up on Telegram

Are you struggling with the successive Telegram account sign-up and want to get familiarized with this detailed slot on any of your devices from Android to IOS? If yes then this post is only for you. Here, we have stated the step-by-step guide for both of these slots that is as follows:

How to Make a Telegram Account on a Mobile App?

How to Make a Telegram Account on a Mobile App

It involved the following 5 simple and easy-to-follow steps to make a successive telegram account on your mobile app that are all worth exploring.

  • Initiate the process by downloading and installing the latest version of the Telegram.
  • If you have already downloaded it then skip this step.
  • Click to open the app and get into the “start messaging” option.
  • A new bar with phone number and country will appear that needs to be filled and then click on the blue arrow for next.
  • As you click it you get a call to get the number confirmed. Then by filling the profile info with name get it all done.

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Make sure to set your call logo and permissions as per your desire to avoid any kind of trouble in the future.

How to Make a Telegram Account on iPhone?

How to Make a Telegram Account on iPhone

Along with the detailed guide about signing up on the mobile app, we have also stated the expert steps to help you make your Telegram account on iPhone which are as follows:

  • Get the Telegram app from your iPhone Play store and launch it on your device.
  • Open it and go to the “Start Messaging” option.
  • Select the country, enter your active number, and click on the blue arrow to get the next option.
  • With this, you will get an OTP code that will be placed in the next bar for confirmation.
  • Then by clicking on the next option, you will get a successive Telegram account creation on your iPhone.

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Both the real and the anonymous number can be utilized in your Telegram account creation on your iPhone but the only thing to be noted is to access the updated version of the Telegram.


To sum up, all that you need to know about signing up on Telegram is very well-elaborated in this post to help you get it all done for the open-source fast messaging service possession. Whether it is signing up by the phone number and country or by scanning the QR code, you get it all done without any trouble. The expertly suggested ways are there to help you out in your Telegram account creation. Also, all the other slots are very well-elaborated. So, explore the guide and get a successive Telegram account sign-up on your desired device.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Yes, for sure, you can easily create a Telegram account without giving a phone number.

Yes, it is 100% safe to use the Telegram app on any of your devices.

Yes, it is 100% free to sign up on your Telegram app by following the given steps on our website.