How To Change The Language On Netflix? (Step By Step Guide)

Over the last ten years, Netflix has changed the Interface of how we watch our favorite movies and TV shows. Instead of buying or renting, we pay a monthly fee to access many films and shows. We can watch them on phones, computers, and TVs. Other companies are now trying to do the same thing. But now, Netflix is the most popular, with over 232 million people subscribed worldwide as of early 2024. Most of these people live outside the United States. Netflix has movies and shows in many languages, like English, Spanish, and French.

How To Change The Language On Netflix

If you’re a Netflix user and want to make things easier for yourself, here’s how to change the language of the menus to your language. You can also change the spoken language and the words on the screen (subtitles) when watching something.

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Steps to change the language on Netflix On Your Mobile App

You will follow the given instructions for changing the language on the Netflix mobile app:

  • Open Netflix: Launch the Netflix app on your phone or tablet. Log in with your account if you still need to be signed in.
  • Find the Menu: Look for a button that resembles three horizontal lines. It’s usually at the bottom right corner of your screen. Tap it. This button is called the “More” tab.
  • Go to Account: After tapping the “More” tab, scroll down the menu that appears. You’re looking for an option called “Account.” It’s towards the bottom. Tap on it.
  • Your Account Page: You’ll see some information about your account and pictures of your profiles. Next to your profile picture, there’s a small arrow pointing down. Tap on it.
  • Change Language: From the options that appear, find the one that says “Language.” Tap on the button that says “Change” next to it.
  • Choose Your Language: A list of languages will appear. Pick the language you want to use for Netflix.
  • Save Your Choice: After selecting your language, a button says “Save.” Tap on it to confirm your choice.
  • Done!: Your language has now changed. You can go back to the Netflix homepage by tapping the back button.

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Steps to Change Language on Your Desktop

When you want to watch Netflix on your computer, open a web browser program, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Then, go to the Netflix website and log in using your account. After you’re logged in, you’ll see the Netflix Homepage.

Look at the top right corner of the screen, and you’ll see a little picture that represents you. Move your mouse over that picture without clicking, and a menu will appear. One of the options in this menu is “Account.” Click on that.

Scroll down until you reach a section called “My Profile.” There, you’ll find a button that says “Language.” It’s right under your profile picture. Click on the “Language” button.

Steps to Change Language on Your Desktop

Now, a list of different languages will appear. Choose the one you want from that list. Once you’ve picked a language, there will be a “Save” button. Click on that to make your choice official.

To make sure everything works, refresh the Netflix page. It means you need to reload the page. After that, the shows and movies on Netflix will be in your chosen language.

Steps to Change Language On Gaming Consoles

Many people like watching shows and movies on Netflix through gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. If you want to change the language of what you’re watching on Netflix, the steps are slightly different for each of these consoles. Here’s how you can do it:


  • Open the Netflix app on PlayStation.
  • Start playing a show or movie.
  • You will press the Options button on your controller.
  • A menu will show at the bottom of the screen. Select “Audio and Subtitles.”
  • You can now choose the language you want for audio and subtitles from the list.


  • Launch the Netflix app on your Xbox.
  • Pick a show or movie to watch.
  • You will press the Menu button on your controller.
  • A menu will appear. Choose “Audio & Subtitles.”
  • From there, you can select the language you prefer for audio and subtitles.

Steps to Change Language On Your Smart TV

If you use a Smart TV and want to change the language on Netflix, you will follow these steps:

  • Open Netflix.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Choose “Edit Profile.”
  • Find “Language” and pick your preferred language.
  • Return to the main screen; Netflix will be in your chosen language.


In conclusion, if you want to change your Netflix app’s language settings, one potential solution could be using a “Netflix MOD APK.” This modified app version might offer additional features, including language options unavailable in the official version.